Books Beyond Repair

A few weeks ago we looked at utilizing a book ambulance to repair books that get damaged.  Sometimes though, books are just too far gone for repair.  So, what to do with these beloved books?  Today, we’ll look at a few ideas for recycling books beyond repair.

1.  Magnets

My little one removed a few of the lift-the-flaps from some of his books.   Since lift-the-flaps are made with heavier paper, they work great for creating refrigerator magnets.  Simply place a self adhesive magnet on the back of the flap and you have an instant cute magnet that can be utilized to post your child’s creative projects.  If you were using a picture from a lighter weight page, I would recommend laminating your image  before placing the magnet on the back.

2.  Pennants

I saw this cute pennant banner on Pinterest that utilizes book pages.

3.  Gift Bags

Take a simple solid color gift bag and decorate it with images cut out from books.  Now, you have a unique gift giving vessel.  Why not give a book as a gift!

4.  Puzzles

Here is another Pinterest idea from No Time for Flashcards.  I love the idea of using a book cover cut into puzzle pieces.

5.  Placemats

Images are cut from books and then placed on wrapping paper.  You could also use construction paper or cardstock.  Though I didn’t get it done for this picture, it’s super important to laminate your placemat before use.

6.  Gift Tags

Cut out an image from a book to create your own gift tag for that just wrapped gift.

What creative things have you made with books beyond repair?

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  1. I love these ideas, especially laminating the pages and creating puzzles! How unique! I have tons of, sadly, irrepairable books that my kids have literally loved to death. The pigeon books by Mo Willems and No David are the most loved and now I have new uses for them!

  2. It is hard to throw away a book that has been such a favorite. One idea I had was to cut a portion of one of the pages and place it next the child’s picture in a photo album. If you are into scrapbooking your children’s activities with photos this would be a nice tie in to say, a trip to the zoo. Use pictures of animals from a book that you saw on your outing.

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