Just Right Reading Spot

We all have favorite reading spots.  I prefer to sit in a comfy chair under a blanket.  My husband would rather lay in bed.  And, well my son, he would prefer to stand and lean against you as you read to him.  When I was teaching in the classroom, I allowed my students to find their own just right reading spots.  The most popular spots were under my desk or in a comfy bean bag chair.  Helping children to find just right reading spots promotes long extended reading.  That is what we call ” building stamina” in the reading world.

By the time a child reaches the end of kindergarten ( 5 and 6 year olds) should be able to read for 10 minutes independently.  At the end of first grade (6 and 7 year olds), should be up to 20 minutes.  Second graders (7 and 8 year olds) go to 30 minutes and so on.

So, today let’s look at some comfy reading spots that you might want to create and share with the children in your life.

My son received this stuffed chair for his birthday from his grandma (my mom).  Now, my mom is one of the most creative and talented people I know who can really do a project on a budget.  She found this chair at a garage sale and then recovered it to be more masculine.  It ended up being a big project, but turned out so cute.   You can see all the steps that were involved at her blog, Zoom In.  Now that my son is big enough to climb into it, I’m sure we will be reading lots of stories together.

Here are a few more DIY spots which I just might have to try some day!

Have some sheets and furniture?  Then, you have the makings for a fort.  Grab a couple of flashlights and let the reading begin.  Or, if you are feeling extra crafty, try this hula hoop fort from Craftify It.

These cute oversized jelly roll pillows from Moda Bakeshop would make great just right reading spots for partners.  I’d love to be on one out in the sun on a nice 70 degree day right about now.

Finally, why not build an igloo?  All you will need is about 400 empty milk jugs (that’s a reason to get your kids to drink more milk).  The igloo easily fits a large family or would work great in a classroom for about 8-10 youngsters.

If you would like to view more photos of cozy reading nooks, visit my Pinterest Just Right Reading Spots Board.

Do your family members have favorite just right reading spots?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Happy Reading!


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  1. I love this, Jodie!!! I let all of my first graders pick quiet reading spots at the beginning of the year, and spend a whole unit talking about selecting the perfect spot. I am actually going to share your blog with them! By the way, my favorite spot is the bed. Not very original, but it’s easiest way for my husband and I to read and discuss our books at the same time.

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