Illustrator Spotlight: Ed Emberly

Ed Emberly has written and illustrated approximately 80 books for children.  Many of these books teach children to draw using what Emberly calls his drawing alphabet of six characters.  For someone who doesn’t consider themselves an artist, I’m always impressed when I try out one of his drawing books.  Check out this clip from YouTube where Emberly describes his work and showcases his drawing alphabet.

For those children who find drawing difficult and are easily discouraged, Emberly’s books are an excellent resource.  Here are a few that are especially relevant for the month of October.

Ed Emberly’s Drawing Book of Halloween– Learn to draw bats, witches and more.

Go Away Big Green Monster–  One of Emberly’s simple picture books that features bold colors and cut out pages.

Ed Emberly’s Big Orange Drawing Book- This one is out of print.  Try to find it at your local library.

If you visit Ed Emberly website you can browse eight October activities including a Halloween banner, two masks and a thumbprint skeleton.  Have fun drawing!


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