Celebrate New York

One of the most bustling cities in the United States is New York.  This city has a bit a magic like no other.  I visited for two special events in my life.  The first was a weekend trip with my dad for my high school graduation.  We enjoyed a lunch at La Tavern on the Green in Central Park, walked across the piano on the floor at FAO Schwartz and attended my first Broadway show.  Skip ahead about 16 years and I return for a festive Thanksgiving weekend with my aunt.  The highlights of this trip were the Macy’s Day Parade and standing in the outside audience of the Today Show.

Take one great city and add children singing (one of my favorite sounds!) and you have a wonderful tribute to New York in this recent State Farm commercial commemorating 9/11.  Get ready…

There are several books that highlight this great city.  Here are two of my top picks.

The Inside-Outside Book of New York City by Roxie Munro is a beautifully illustrated book of landmarks in the city.  On one page you’ll see an image of the Statue of Liberty as if you were standing in front of it.  On the next page, you are looking out at the city from the crown.  It’s an interesting book on perspective.  Other landmarks include the New York Subway, Madison Square Garden and The Flatiron Building.  Murno also has a book that showcases New York during the holiday season.

Check out this book trailer for New York, New York!: The Big Apple From A to Z by Laura Krauss Melmed.

Whether you live in New York, Chicago, Louisville, San Francisco or somewhere in between, why not make your own inside-outside or alphabet book about the city or town where you live?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Inside-Outside Book:  brainstorm some landmarks in your town or city.  Arm yourself with a camera and travel around taking a picture from the outside of the landmark and then one from within the location.  Choose about six different locations to make a good size book.  Arrange your pictures on pages to form your book.  Label each location.  Design a cover and don’t forget  about the author page.  Viola, you have your own book.

ABC Book:  Create a list from A to Z.  Brainstorm places in your town or city that begin with each letter.  You may have to be creative with letters such as Q or X.  Maybe quiet library, x-tra big statue, etc.  Next, either draw or take pictures of each landmark.  Each page represents one letter.  Arrange your pages in ABC order and then you’ll have your own alphabet book.

Interested in book binding ideas.  Stay tuned next week when I’ll show you some creative ways to make books.


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  1. I think my grandson and I should start an A-Z book. Even though he cannot talk yet, much less read, he will by the time we finish the book. And it sounds like such fun that I don’t want to wait.

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