Book Trailers

We are all familiar with movie trailers.  They precede the feature film and entice us with clips to excite us into spending more money to see those movies too.  I just recently discovered that publishers and authors are now creating book trailers very similar to those movie trailers with which we are all familiar.  Librarians around the country now utilize book trailers to hook readers into a good book.

I have mixed feelings about book trailers.  Part of me likes the idea that they can get kids excited about books and reading.  Another part of me believes that we should use our imagination to bring a book to life and not rely on a “movie” to do it for us. However when I watched the book trailer for Blackout by John Rocco, I was hooked.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book.  I felt that the trailer enhanced my reading experience and didn’t derail my imagination.   Check out the book trailer and see what you think.

Here is another book trailer for Panda Kindergarten by Joanne Ryder.  In this clip the author and illustrator both speak about making the book.  I think it is fantastic that kids get to see that authors and illustrators are real people.  Clips of this type would be very powerful to use when talking with kids about where authors and illustrators get ideas and how they develop those creative nuggets.  Take a look.

Would you like to access more book trailers?  Just visit You Tube and search children’s book trailers.  You can also search on most publisher’s sites such as Scholastic and Harper Collins.   But, best of all, you can keep following this blog where I will showcase some of the best book trailers.  So, what do you think about book trailers?  Do they have a place in helping to cultivate readers?


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  1. I like the book trailer idea as a teaching tool. I think kids would be scrambling for a hands on encounter with the actual pages of the featured book. I wonder if Madeline Hunter would approve a book trailer as an anticipitory set. Even though I am a “seasoned, somewhat old-fashioned” teacher, I’m drawn to the book trailers! Show us more of your favorites!

  2. I remember Reading Rainbow had segments where children did this to hook you on a book. I loved it and would beg my mother to get the book for me. I think that this will be a benificial tool to spark the interest in our young readers!

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