The Beginning!

Welcome to Growing Book by Book!  I’m so excited to launch this blog.  I will be featuring great books to read with young children, activities to build upon books, reading tips, giveaways and other great literacy resources.  The design of this blog is still a work in progress.  My custom designed site probably won’t be ready until March 2012.  In the meantime, I will begin to post wonderful literacy tidbits!  Initially, I will post at least once a week on Mondays.  Postings will increase once I figure out this whole blogging world.  I would love to hear about topics you would like me to cover, so send your ideas and questions my way.  Also, please check out my “about page” to learn more about me.  Happy Reading!


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  1. I do love that State Farm commercial and your recommended books. Your grandparent memories reinforce the importance of family relationships. I commend you for reminding readers to make memories for the children in their families and thank you for reaffirming to all grandparents the treasures they imprint on hearts.

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